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23rd June 2013

6:51pm: Homemade wine and other kitchen experiments
Been a busy weekend in the kitchen (finally in the mood to cook as AC was repaired and it is much more tempting to get into the kitchen when the tempature insiide the house is 75 compared to 87(

Honey wine (Aka mead):  Cousin in Chicago sent me a mead making kit from Williams Sonoma so I started on that this weekend, we shall see how it turns out.

Lemon infused vodka (aka limoncello)

Vegetable Paella (from "Plenty" a vegetarian, not vegan, cookbook)

Lots of parchment packets (Shrimp, lemon and fennel and wine), and then (baby summer vegatables in wine and garlic) and another packet of potatoes and herbs.

Balsamic Cherry Brownies: adapted this from something I saw on tv.  Plumped dried cherries overnight in balsamic viniegar, drained them and added them to my standard brownie batter.

So freaking good.

Not much else to tell, working and staying inside as much as possible until October.

Saw "Man of Steel" was EXTREMELY disappointed.  Liked Star Trek: Into Darkness

Need to see "Paciific Rim" NOW.

12th May 2013

9:12pm: 3 MINUTE CHOCOLATE CAKE. I serving

    3 tbsp all purpose flour
3 tbsp sugar
1 ½ tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
2 tsp vanilla sugar (put a cup or more of sugar into a container with a vanilla bean for a couple of days, voila you  have vanilla sugar)
1 egg
3 tbsp milk
3tbs safflower oil
3tbs chocolate chjips

Mix dry ingredients in a coffee mug, add egg and whisk with fork, add milk and oil and whisk again.

Stir in 3 tbsp chocolate chips

Put mug in microwave.

Microwave on high for 3 minutes.

Let cool and eat.

11th May 2013

11:23am: Kitchen post, again
Hi all.

I hope everyone is okay.

Not a whole lot to report.

Aunt had cataract surgery Thurs on her right eye, left one in next month.  And I've just been working, a lot.  And fightng headaches.  It seems EVERY time there is a major front (hot, cold, rain, whatever) it stirs up something in the air and I get a sinus headache,  Not fun.

I was dragged to see Gastby this morning.  It was better than I'd thought it would be, though my expectations were not high to begin with.  I didn't much care for Iron Man3, but then I am not a RDJ fan, or not of his current incarnation.  Yes, I am happy for him that he is clean and on track and healthy  and all that.  I  just wish he would go back to ACTING again, instead of you know playing a variation on his public persona.

Anyway, relatively healthy cooking in the kitchen today (all recipes from the WIlliams Sonoma site btw)

Spring white sangria (I said 'relatively')
Quiona salad with grilled veggies and feta
grilled salmon with lemons
Blackberry granita

20th April 2013

10:23am: Why can't Texas Weather ALWAYS be like this?

Strike that. 

What I mean is why can' tthe temperature be like this all the time (low of 40s, High temps no more than 72)?   Weather wise, we could use (and want)  a lot more rain.

Which brings up a mini-rant.  

At work (before Easter) this woman has been griping that we need rain, then when the forecast said rain on Easter Sunday (which we didn't get, mind you) she was "NOOOOO  It better not rain on Easter"

Make up your freaking mind.

Rant over.

I hope everyone is okay and well, esp those in the Boston area (and Waco).

I have been working mandatory overtime,  We were supposed to have to work this weekend but then the facilities department insisted (probably for the good) that they were required to check the fire alarms and sprinkler system this weekend.  So no work.

Instead, we left the house in the country to go further into the country (go figure).

Marble Fallls TX (which is very pretty but has LOUSY internet reception).   So I am writing this at a Starbucks.  Once I finish my drink, we are going back to the cabin and cooking shall ensue.

Last night we made 20 minute pcikled chili fennel shrimp.

Followed by Pan Roasted Chicken wth carrots and almonds

This morning the guys made breakfast for us, poached eggs over swiss chard


Pot roasted artichokes
Spring egg drop soup
Poached fish with basil tarragon sauce
Buttermilk Panna cotta
Pistachio shortbread.

Oh and finishing up S2 of Game Of Thrones.



GOT spoiler I read online for past ep. )

13th April 2013

11:11am: Freud would have a field day with Ms. Rowling.
That is what the nephew has pointed out.


Harry marrying a girl who looked like his mother (red hair etc)

That is just for starters

On a more mundane (if happy) note, I woke up this morming with the next chapter for my Harry Potter cross over fic all plotted in my head.


24th March 2013

8:37pm: GAME OF THRONES: Why did no one tell me it was so good?
And had man on man loving it it?

9th March 2013

8:31pm: Glee/? Crossover fic.
I am putting the disclaimer at the end of this, instead of in front as I don't wish to give away the other person in the pairing.

Characters: Kurt Hummel/?
Rating: G
Summary Kurt runs into his silent friend in a new place
Warnings: Not Blaine friendly, spoilers for upcoming ep (regarding Rachel, Finn and Brody), did I mention not Blaine friendlly?

Read more )

3rd March 2013

9:50am: Sterek is good, Scissac is better.

So I have been convereted to the joys of Sterek (for those who are not familiar with the series "Teen Wolf, that is the ship name for Derek/Stiles).


I think (and I realize this is blasphemy to many TW fans) I like Scott/Issac better.  And find them hotter.

Esp when it is Dominant Isaac.

Off to hunt for fics in that category (as well as do laundry, clean the house and other not so much fun things, sigh)

2nd March 2013

9:54am: No power at home,
Major wind srtorms here this week and we lost power.

That was Tues, and it came back up.

Then Thurs night about 8 it went down, has not come up since.  They ARE working on it.  But in the meantime, we are at my Aunt and Uncles.

Thus no RPG for me as while I can comment in fancoms (such as Chris Colfer's on LJ) it gets a little difficult to risk writing smut RPG and such and risk having to explain.

On the plus side, Aunt and Uncle love to cook so we will have a happy weekend in the kitchen.
9:54am: Holocost grows even more shocking: Mel Gibson still denies it happened
The Germans had vastly more work camps and ghettos than anyone knew. Above, a group of Jewish women to the Brody ghetto in Eastern Galicia in 1942.

See the New York Times for the full article and the source

23rd February 2013

1:48pm: blood orange margaritas

I also made "Italian Stuffed Cabbage" last night. I must admit to being surprised. I hate cabbage (beside roasted brussel sprouts) in general, and I loathed stuffed cabbage growing up.

However, this I liked. Possibly because tomato sauce makes everything better? Or because it is a tender meatball that is the stuffing and the cabbage is just one small (and light) layer?


Devil Chicken Thighs
Braised leeks
Herb salad
Best Chocolate Pudding.

Um did I mention Margaritas (and that I MIGHT) be on my second one?

15th February 2013

5:03pm: New(ish) house, aka I moved (back)
Is this a full circle moment?

Some years back my Great Great Uncle (actually some sort of cousin of my Dad's, I could never get the exact relationship on the family tree down exactly, to say that side of the family is dysfunctional would be an understatement) left us some land with 3 small cabins on it.

By us, I mean my parents, my brother and myself.

Then the economy tanked and:

My parents who were never interested in having a second home, did nothing
My brother who already owns 60 acres couldn't afford to keep it
And due to TX property taxes I couldn't either.

So, we moved out of the cabin that we were almost done renovating and back to the city and into an apartment.

In the interim, to pay the property taxes, we rented out the land for grazing and such.

Then this past fall, my Aunt and Uncle (who moved down here from Chicago 9 years ago) got tired of the infighting (for those who follow my family issues, this is the same Aunt and Uncle who helped me take in my nephew when he came out and his parents did nothing to stop the bullying at school or keep his grandparent aka my parents from 'praying for him to make the choice to be straight and thereby keep himself from going to hell'). The fighting was because my late relative did not leave specific portions of land to each of us but to all of us jointly.

So they bought out my parents and brother, got a lawyer who then did the (expensive) task of settling the titles and dividing ownership legally (thereby making the property taxes managable for me as my land is very small portion, the majority of the acreage is theirs which they are now deferring property taxes by keeping livestock aka goats on). My cousin and his wife (their youngest son and spouse) took the third cabin/cottage.

So in January, I moved back

It is a 40 minute commute both ways, but I can deal with it, even with the price of gas.

I have a house, small albeit (950 sq feet) with a double sided fireplace (one front facing Living area, the other my bedroom), and I am content.

Tonight, as I am finally feeling better (after having ear infections in both ears AND a sinus infection) though still tired (antibiotics sap me of energy and I saw Dr today and he extended lenght for another 10 days, so 2 more weeks of them), I am making dinner for Aunt, Uncle, cousin, his wife, her mother, and so forth.

So starting with dessert:

Chocolate olive oil cake (dairy and gluten free)

Mushroom and vegetable pot pie

Sunchocke, farro and chard hash

Roasted carrot and avocado salad with citrus dressing

Tomorrow: more cooking and baking (after sleeping in, I hope) and RPing.

2nd February 2013

Can we stop re-writing history to make her so please?

For Fucks Sake.


Natalie Dormer (who played Anne in the Showtime series "The Tudors" makes her out to be such, as apparently does a new book coming out.

What the hell?

This is a woman who conspired to take another woman's husband (and crown). No, she did not do it alone. It takes two to tango and all that and Henry VIII was the devil.

And most certainly, Anne WAS framed for adultery and such. She was executed for crimes she did not commit. There is no doubt about that.

However, Ms. Dormer ignores the fact, once more, that she was not a good person. She slept with a married man, conspired with others to take him from his wife and so forth.

I have no problem acknowledging that she was strong within the constraints of her times, but this white washing to make her some sort of feminist saint/hero is sickening.

Acknowledge ALL OF IT. That she was a schemer, took another woman's husbad, and so forth, along with that she was genuinuely interested in religious reform.

Then I can respect you Ms. Dormer. Until then, quite frankly, in my opinion you are biased cow.

And the same goes for anyone who says, for example, Ted Kennedy was flawless (I had MAJOR ISUUES) with some tributes (including some by my flist) who listed all his accomplishments, but did not include MANSLAUGHTER among other things.

I'm not one for making a saint out of someone. Everyone is good and bad and forgetting the bad to show only one part of that person does a disservice to us all.

30th January 2013

8:22pm: There is life after "Smallville"
Tom Welling to be in JFK assasination movie


7th January 2013

Does the "Snoopy Dance of Joy"

My old phone was a Nokia and couldn't even text on it.

But now..


Back to doing the happy dance.

5th January 2013

10:11am: Eggs baked in tomato sauce
Breakfast this a.m was that.

:Last night we had beet salad with mushrooms, goat cheese and arugula

Today I am making:

kale salad with lemon dressing
Roast chicken with warm bread salad
steam raosted carrots and parsnips
Chocolate pots de creme

29th December 2012

11:14am: Pizza, Pizza
Homemade pizza making day.  I got a pizza stone for Christmas by the way.

That was not the best gift, the best one was a foot massage machine.   Bliss.


Pizza dough made, sauce simmering on the stove, toppings are chopped.

I have homemade vanilla bean ice cream going in the machine.  Tonight to pour over it, I will make hot chocolate with rum poured in it.

Last night was homemade focaccia and cioppino with a salad of fennel, chickories and citrus.

Tomorrow will be slow roasted pork shoulder in herbs and white wine (and by slow I mean 6 hours in the oven) and roasted veg

26th December 2012

11:50am: Baby it's cold outside (for Texas)
It is 29 degrees where I am at.  Thank Heavens, though it will not last.

However, since it is cold, and I have the day off, I have been cooking;

Asparagus, sweet pepper and Fontina Strata for Breakfast

Angel Biscuits and Chicken/Proscuitto chowder for dinner tonight

Bitrersweet Chocolate Tart with Sea Salt.

For Lunch Tomato soup and brocoall rabe panini.

18th December 2012

7:01pm: I bought a smart phone!!!!
As my nephew says, I've finally joined the 21st century.

My current phone doesn't even text.

New IPHONE should be delivered within 10 days.

15th December 2012

4:02pm: Spice rubbed chicken
Last night we made Portugese Fish Stew


Spice Rubbed Chicken
bitter greens with melted cheese
honey/cumin carrots
roasted fingerling potatoes with romesco sauce
spced chocolate pudding

5th December 2012

9:15pm: Watch BBC America's "The Hour"
It is everything Aaron Sorkin's "Newsroom" was supposed to be (and isn't) and more.

24th November 2012

9:32am: Red wine chocolate cake; a reward for getting tree up
Yesterday I got the Christmas tree up (it is artificiial) and decorated

Today I got the rest of the place decorated (not a big deal, just put out the mercury glass candleholders and my stuffed Santa Claus that my grandmother made me.

Then I made a red wine chocolate cake (recipe below), also a winter squash soup. To go with it, I will make a spinach salad later.  All recipes from "The Smitten Kitchen"
cake below )</div>adult chocolate cake below )

17th November 2012

7:10am: Birthday post #1

Last night I went out to dinner with my parents, Aunt, Uncle and Brother.

I had:

Chicken and shitake spring rolls
Ceasar salad
Duck confit and mashed potatoes with green beens
Apple Crips
2 glasses of wine

I got:
2 books
3 gift cards
1 CD (Does anyone besides me have problems getting the celophane and the tape off the CD box?)
new trainers
a pair of ballet flats

I also got the joy of hearing my parents bust my sister in law as she called my brother at about 2 and said "I have to work late till 10".  I knew she was lying, they knew she was lying, only my brother didn't know.  So under the pretext of leaving a vm on their house phone to remind them to dvr a show on PBS, Dad called the house while we were at the table.  Guess what?  She answered (Dad has a new phone too, and it does not yet display who the number belongs to for the recipent of the call)

Can we say "BUSTED"?
Can we say "LIAR?"
Can we say disapponted and pissed of brother, and family?

She also told him that she had to work Thanksgiving day, so after my stunt, brother called her head nurse and asked "Anyway she could get off early that day?"  and was told "She's not working"

Again, lying bitch.

I am wondering how she will weasel out of this?

Anyway, today is my real birthday, and I am heading out for breakfasat with the guy.    No cooking this weekend, cousin and guys said so, they will cook (which they rarely do, but they are good at it).

Oh, and I saw "LINCOLN", um besides being fantastic and a movie everyone should see and the cast is perfect, I now see what everyone sees in Joseph Godan Leavit.  He is in Union Civil War uniform at one point in the movie, and I must say with longish hair and in that uniform, he is sort of hot.

11th November 2012

8:02pm: NOOOOOOO
OUAT do not make me wait two weeks.  Especially now that Henry will be more than the Hermione of the show (you know dispensing exposition).

In that vein: I wish I could like Aurora.  I liked the Mary Stuart in "The Tudors" and she was played by the same actress, so I know it's not the actress, it's the character.

Spoiler below )

7th November 2012

7:22am: Suck it Romney, Women Haters, Eastwood and Trump. Rove, get a reality check.
Thoughts on the outcomes:

1.  Am I the only one who when Romney's people initially said "It isn't over yet." was sure he was going to dispute the results?

2.  On any other network, Karl Rove would be fired after last night.  His own bosess said "Obama won" and still he denied it.

3.  The asshat in Missouri who said a womans' body keeps from getting pregnant if it is a legitimate rape?  He lost.  JUSTICE

4.  So did the candidtate who said that if a woman gets pregnant by rape then God wanted it (including the rape) to happen for some reason.  JUSTICE

5.  Eastwood?  Nevermind the empty chair, how about the empty head.  Too many years of not seeing woman as anything more than interchangable bed partners that he didn't have to show any respect fro seems to have taken it's toll.  This is a man who went on Elllen and said he had nothing against marriage equality, yet supported a homophobic candidate?  Huh?  How about you go away and NEVER come back? In movies or otherwise.

7.  Donald Trump: Calling for a revolution? Um,. balddy with the bad combover?  There was a revolution, you were just on the losing side.
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